Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Bad Business

A Democrat’s life is not complete until they have joined a fight against a large business or industry, without recognizing the consequences of their actions. With the failing of Prohibition, most would think that any political party would tread lightly when declaring war on an industry, but the Democrats shall never learn that lesson. They are much higher and mightier than thou.

In the state of Maine, the Democrats have attacked the wood and paper mill companies for years upon years. The State Congress has passed legislature making it more expensive to operate by increasing restrictions and taxes on harvesting wood, processing wood, and shipping of goods. The loyal Democrat constituents, and their unions, joined the cause and rallied against their supposed evil employers only to experience layoffs and loss of benefits due to the employers suddenly spending obscene amounts of money just to operate. How could these idiots not realize that these were their bosses and without them there would be no livelihood? Now, with many people unemployed and unskilled for other positions, they still blame the mills for their own stupidity.

For those individuals unfamiliar with the state of Maine, everything from Bangor south on I-95 has a decent chance of attracting outside income through tourism and business, but everything north and not along I-95 do not attract much outside business, meaning their total income is very, very low. Many guides operate in these low-resident, low-income areas and bring in a great deal of income because of their clients, that’s money not from Maine being spent in Maine. Without this additional income, the small towns would struggle further. Recently, the state of Maine pushed to pass laws that would restrict Maine guides from being able to bait black bear. The black bear populates the state in very high numbers and many of the left-wing loonies complain about their city neighborhoods being overrun by these nuisances, and the guides make much of their yearly income from bear hunts over baits, restricting the proclaimed nuisance. The Democrats in Maine have made it clear that they will make every effort to restrict any livelihood and independence of those who reside outside of the I-95 corridor, if they aren’t being prejudice against certain people then I don’t know what is happening.

Everyone is well aware of the efforts from the Left to restrict firearm manufacturers and owners, but it wasn’t until recently that I was educated on the origin of this attack on guns. It was Rick, Master Guide at Mountain View Drifter informed me that at the end of Prohibition the large taskforce used to combat illegal alcohol distribution was sitting stagnant with nothing to do. I’m sure the kids today aren’t learning anything about Prohibition, but for those educated like myself (thanks to the History Channel), it is clear that if Prohibition never existed, the escalated mobster gun violence associated with it would have never been tasted on the streets of our country. The violence did occur because of irresponsible legislature, much the same as we see passed today, but instead of arresting and charging the criminals who commit crimes with guns, legislators and law enforcement agents target all gun owners. The blind perspective that by removing guns from our society would generate a safer environment for everyone is quite impossible. Honest people don’t use guns to commit crimes, criminals do, and they if they don’t have a gun, they will still commit the crime. But like I previously mentioned, without an Industry to attack, a Democrat couldn’t sleep at night.

The cigarette companies are another of the Lefts mortal enemies, because of the possible dangers inherent in smoking tobacco. The Left feel they should have the power to determine that smoking should be illegal and outlawed in our country because of its links to causing cancer. What bothers me, as a smoker, is not the fact that someone is telling me I shouldn’t be able to smoke a cigarette, its that they are telling me I shouldn’t be able to have the freedom to choose whether or not to smoke. If the Left can determine one way to control your decision-making abilities, the process will never end, and they will be telling you how to live every aspect of your life. If you want to look at things being dangerous, let’s take a look at my favorite sport, NASCAR. Since racing is dangerous, the Left will eventually move to strike them from existence, and then where would an entire culture of people look to for inspiration, tennis?

The monster industry, which many Americans grumble about daily, has been under attack for years and years and fight has increased drastically in recent years. Oil Companies have been raising prices faster than anyone could have thought possible, and generating record profits. To paint the full picture, it needs to be understood that the oil prices are high because of the decrease in the value of the dollar and the increased demand throughout the world. The oil companies can’t control the price per barrel, but they could reduce the price at the pump. With attacks from the Left and forcible legislation attempting to expel the use of oil and gasoline, what would you expect of these companies. The Democrats are trying to run them out of business and they can’t claim it’s because of their prices, because if that were the case, we would be drilling our own oil reserves. Oil Companies are the enemy, and people won’t be able rest until they are removed from our way of existence.

Thanks to the wasted hard-earned American taxpayers money, federal politicians have recently began their war against professional baseball as a way to vent some frustration. Millions of dollars and hours upon hours were spent attacking professional baseball players instead of fixing the real issues within our country, such as entitlement programs. Nobody really cares to watch Congressional hearings with Roger Clemens accused of being a liar. We love our professional sports in this country and the leagues themselves should be the only ones worried about what happen drug-related within their midst. With all of the other enemies to combat, why combat baseball, if they want something new to attack they should try going after guys who wear pink.

Getting back to Democrats deciding what we can and can’t do, the Fast-Food industry is now under attack and being blamed for the raising number of obese Americans. Did Burger King force anyone to come into the restaurant? Did fast-food employees force anyone to get the large fry instead of the small? Like I said, once you open a door for people to restrict what we can do, they don’t know when to stop. If legislature is passed that makes operating more expensive or inconvenient for these businesses, we’ll be paying for it through our wallets and all of the young high school and college students working for them will never see a pay raise. There are negative consequences to every action, people need to learn, and there is no such thing as a perfect world.

I won’t dive into the misguided attacks on the healthcare industry or Financial Institutions because they will require pages of details. I would however like to discuss the attacks on Free Trade. Bill and Hillary pushed hard to get NAFTA passed because of the unlimited potential it held, and now the Democrats seem to hate the thought of free trade. The Speaker of the House Pelosi has shot down the Columbian Trade Agreement, and many Democrats feel that free trade is the cause of our job losses throughout the country. So now that we won’t have free trade with Columbia, we will have American goods taxed at a ridiculous rate, and Columbian goods won’t be taxed when they come into our country. That just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me and if we lowered our taxes, we might just be able to get our jobs to stick around.

I did have one person argue with me recently, that Republicans also fight major industries, like abortion clinics. This is true, most strong conservatives believe abortion to be wrong because it is the murder of an unborn child, but I wouldn’t refer to abortion as an attack on an industry, its more of a moral or religious belief. Besides abortion, there are many things that Republicans attack, and the most significant one is unnecessary spending. But each party has a way of fighting its battles, but the Left has a proven track record for taking away an individual’s right to chose. To allow this type of prejudice targeting of specific industries is an injustice we will all feel the repercussions of. If people decide they know what is best for everyone, and have unrestricted power to prohibit liberty, what is next on their targeting agenda?

It is time to put an end to this madness. If people want to do something that doesn’t directly danger others, then let them do so. I like to eat fast food occasionally and I shouldn’t be punished for indulging.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Army In Ruins

It is rather entertaining for me to hear the constant squabble of how the Bush Administration has destroyed our nation’s military fighting force, and the President is solely responsible for improperly supplying and training the greatest fighting force in the world. The comments regarding our military not being capable of withstanding two major wars at once I actually agree with, my reasoning however; is much different than the jargon from the Left and I feel we should have been able to maintain both wars had the military been kept up, rather than downsized and horribly under-funded by the Clinton Administration.

Unlike the majority of the people who speculate on the subject, I have actual first-hand knowledge of the impact on the United States Army due to the Clinton Administration’s cutbacks. Throughout my time served in the Army (ten years worth), I witnessed the great fighting force develop into an entirely different monster, some changes have been good, but most have been disastrous.

At the onset of my career, under the Clinton Administration in 1997, I began to see a major shift and the loss of excellent leadership within the middle ranks. Noncommissioned officers with vital experience and management capabilities were being given the option to retire prior to their 20 year mark, and many of the lower levels soldiers, with the potential to become excellent leaders, were leaving due to constant deployments and minimal wages. Many today cannot understand the impact this had on today’s fighting force, but for those who experienced the change, the impact is clear.

Thanks to President Clinton, the military lost funding to continue advancements in technology, excellent and necessary experienced personnel, and the ability to complete mission essential tasks all while suffering multiple deployments and receiving no pay increases. Try to imagine these actions being taken from a corporation standpoint, if Microsoft stopped financing future technology development programs, fired half of their mid-level managers, and restricted pay increases while demanding the same quality of results from employees, what would happen? More than likely, the company would loose ground against competitors, watch as their best employees walk out, and the company might even cease to exist.

While President Bush has served in the White House, he has been forced to reverse Bill Clinton’s total disregard for military members, and attempt to improve our military to its full capabilities. Thanks to the current great leader of our nation, American soldiers have consistently received pay raises to improve the quality of life within the military family, military units have received much-required funds to sustain government equipment, and advancements in technology that could have occurred years ago are now being made.

The unfortunate and long-term effects from the Clinton Administration may never be corrected. Due to the drastic cutbacks in personnel military recruiter standards have drastically declined and the quality of soldier entering into service today is much poorer than ten years ago. To meet the rising demands for personnel in the current War on Terror, the ability to discharge individuals from service who are unable to either comply with military standards or are unfit for service, has become impossible. Today’s military has a growing numbers of soldiers who should have never been allowed entry into the service and are quite simply there for a paycheck.

Since most Americans are greatly concerned with money being spent by the Federal government, we should look at the required increases in cost to recruit and reenlist soldiers in our military. Instead of people serving their country because of their patriotism, we are now forced to advertise and deceive people to enter the military, and supply existing members large sums of money to persuade them to reenlist. The Clinton Administration assumed wrong when they determined there to be no enemy left to fight after the fall of Communist Russia, and our United States Military is the one who has suffered the permanent effects.

In my last few years of service, I did witness many changes for the better, and am quite please to see the military finally developing new tactics and not training to fight another Vietnam style war. It shouldn’t have required the War on Terror to cause these changes and had the military received proper funding and guidance from their Commander in Chief, we may have been ready for this war before the end of the Clinton Administration.

Today there is rising concerns with the wars on two fronts and many have speculated that the lengthy and numerous deployments would critically wound our nation’s military force. It was expected that each branch of service would find it difficult, more likely impossible, to meet reenlistment goals necessary to field an experienced and efficient fighting force. Recently, however, top military officials have released news of not only reaching their targeted goals, but surpassed them.

I have no actual knowledge of all branches of service, but I am very familiar with the Army, and what they aren’t telling you is certainly the most important information. Yes, the fighting of the wars on two fronts is having an effect on reenlistment, but the Army is able to reach their goals through their stop-loss program. Units are only being allotted around 12 months of stabilization after returning home from an overseas assignment and if your service doesn’t end within the first seven months, you’re deploying again whether you reenlist or not. In order to reap the full benefits out of the ordeal, soldiers are using common sense and reenlisting, at least this way they can receive their much-deserved bonuses.

The Army has also limited the number of soldiers being relocated to different installations without actually receiving that installation in a reenlistment contract. If a soldier wants to leave their unit and go to a different unit with less or no deployments, they have to reenlist for that assignment. In past years, as a leader of troops, all I had to do was pick up the phone and call the person in charge of assignments for my job specialty and give my recommendation for a soldier to transfer, and I did just that many times. Over my last two years in the Army, I tried this method time and time again, which I had used so many times the past, but now find myself talking to someone telling me “the only way anyone is leaving the unit is through reenlistment.” Quite simply, the Army has limited the soldier’s options, they can stay in the unit and continue to re-deploy, or they can reenlist.

I am a supporter of the War on Terror and believe that once the United States engages its military in a conflict, it should complete the task, regardless of the cost. To give up and bring our service members home would make the past years a complete waste of time, lives, and money, with American once again receiving a fatal blow in its reputation around the world.

If people are looking for someone to blame for the current state of things within our military, Bill Clinton and his wife are best fit to wear the bulls-eye than President Bush. This Left-wing craziness needs to be subdued and the American people need to once again fully support their soldiers and the spreading of Democracy around the world.

Here are a few good articles regarding President Clinton’s efforts towards destroying our nation’s military during his service, Storm Tactics: DEFENSE, Discover the Networks, Greater Intervention and Military Cutbacks are a Deadly Combination, and Military Cutbacks: Frugal or Foolhardy?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Boohoo Department

I’m not one for increasing government programs or departments because it also increases the government’s budget due to the exaggeration of jobs created in an effort to conduct a streamlined position. I feel the need of a new government department, however; called the Boohoo Department of Liberty Defense, with subordinate departments at the state level.

The purpose of this much-needed department is quite simple; to address the many Americans concerns throughout the country regarding the restriction of an individual’s liberties. With the rising number of influences within our society, many of the special interest groups are pushing for legislature that will restrict an individual’s personal liberties and freedoms, but with this new department, simple emails or letters would notify these individuals and groups that their efforts are unconstitutional or are viewed as being prejudice against certain citizens.

The department would begin its efforts by filtering all emails to government politicians and provide necessary input to all government representatives concerning their actions and how they restrict the rights of legal American citizens.

Letter/Email response format:

We are honored to inform you that your proposed action or view restricts the individual liberties of legal American citizens. Through passing legislation governed by your concerns, American politicians would be eliminating the right to freedom within our great country. Because of your individual freedoms, we are proud to inform you of the right to keep and cherish these views, but to please not forcefully emplace them upon others against their will.

Your proposed views or actions are unconstitutional for the following reasons:


Thank you for your support and concern. In the future we would ask that, when addressing issues, you consider whether or not your proposals or suggestions would inhibit another American’s rights.

To further explain the importance of such a new department, the following are some current issues that could be addressed easily to defend the rights of Americans:

Helpful American Citizen #1: I despise smoking in restaurants. In some places around the country, laws have been passed forcing all restaurants to provide a “smoke-free” environment and I think Congress should make it that way for the entire country.

Boohoo responds: This is an excellent topic for us here at the Boohoo. By passing a law that forces business owners to reject smoking in their establishment, it removes that owner’s right to operate their business in the manner they choose. We currently find there to be no law forcing you or your family to enter into these establishments which means that if the owner of the business chooses to have a smoking section, you could go elsewhere to eat. We are currently putting forth strong efforts to remove any laws restricting business owners in such a manner, thank you.

Helpful American Citizen #2: Affirmative action is not enough for the progression of minorities in America. We need to create more programs that provide specialized training to minorities in the low-income bracket. Without new programs, we minorities will never succeed.

Boohoo responds: This is an excellent topic for us here at the Boohoo. Affirmative action is currently under review here with our top officials within the department because of its clearly prejudice view. No group should be given any advantages over another because it is seen a prejudice on the part of the government, and by creating such advantages, the government is encouraging racial and ethnic dissention, topped with anger. We have concluded that these programs you suggest are an excellent idea but only if implemented with no restrictions for those seeking its rewards. If all are allowed entry into this program, great good could result, thank you.

Helpful American Citizen #3: Researchers have shown that most of the inner-city schools with larger populations of minority groups have much lower test scores suggesting poorer education. It is time for more money to be given to these schools so they can turn this around and generate a better education system.

Boohoo responds: This is an excellent topic for us here at the Boohoo. We have found that providing additional income to schools with poor test scores, regardless of minority percentage, would be unfair to the other schools who provide actual passing grades. The schools may require new leaders or teachers, but we feel that most of the responsibility falls on the lack of education enforcement within the home. The government should maintain a fair and unbiased support to all schools regardless of their test scores, thank you.

Helpful American Citizen #4: Abortion is murder and laws need to be passed making it illegal to get an abortion.

Boohoo responds: This is an excellent topic for us here at the Boohoo. We have concluded that abortion is murder, but a woman still maintains the right to choose what happens to her own body. Instead of attacking those who conduct and undergo these procedures, we are focusing more on how to prevent them and suggest you to do the same. We feel that improving our adoption program and increasing education would eliminate many of these procedures, thank you.

Helpful American Citizen #5: I believe the federal government is wrong by providing financial support for the poor while us middle-income parents struggle to put our children through school. If the government is going to give support, it should do so equally.

Boohoo responds: This is an excellent topic for us here at the Boohoo. Because of your commonsense outlook towards such a discriminating and prejudice program, we would like to offer you a job here at the Boohoo, thank you.

As you can see, the recruiting for this department would be rather easy, anyone who writes in with any sense, you give them a job. I would be proud to take charge of this project, as I’m sure Ryan from Perish the Reason would. Somebody has to be able to tell people that by passing their proposed views, and forcing them on others, inhibit individual liberties. If you want to or don’t want to do something, that is up to you, but forcing others to follow your views without their consent is clearly unconstitutional.

Top Election Issue

C-SPAN has encouraged viewers to make a YouTube video covering the most important issue, to them, for the election. I’ve decided to take the opportunity to voice my own opinion on the most important issue for the election, and that is freedom. Who of the three candidates is going to be a broadcaster and defender of freedom to American citizens, if not around the world?

Freedom can be defined as “the state of being free of restraints” or “exemption from unpleasant onerous conditions” and much more, according to Webster’s Dictionary. With our country being built on the foundation of freedom, “the land of the free,” I am forced to wonder where government control falls into the definition of freedom. If we are to continue passing prejudiced legislation that targets individual groups, whether to benefit or harm, we disrupt and pollute the entire definition of freedom and should remove freedom from our National Anthem.

On the issue of our unstable economy, if we allow Congress to gain more power (limiting freedom) over financial matters, remembering that very few of them have any understanding of business, our entire financial system would see reform almost immediately. Whenever Congress attains more power over any issue, the first action taken is to overreact, while securing permanent government control. I’m not saying our economy would fail entirely, but with more control by people with little knowledge of business or economics, it would need to restructure itself to survive the continued “peeking” (they call it oversight) by politicians.

The freedom of choice concerning healthcare has been a personal preference for many people over the years. If a family doesn’t find their current healthcare sufficient or adequate, they go in search of a better company, provider, or program, until they find the most adequate care. If a program is created by the government that creates a streamlined and “standard” healthcare system that all Americans are forced to enter, we not only lose our ability to choose as free citizens, but the choices would be limited and the care would be consistently low. Quite simply, a family would not be able to go in search of better care or a program that perfectly fits their family’s needs.

When government laws required all drivers to have automobile insurance in order to legally drive on public roadways, the price of insurance increased and the cost of living for the average American citizen rose dramatically. This is a product of supply and demand, with so many uninsured motorists needing to suddenly gain insurance; the insurance companies could raise prices, leaving motorists with much higher monthly living costs. I’m not saying auto insurance isn’t necessary, but if the government forces all individuals to have health insurance, we will see a raise in prices because we live in a free market society even if the government tries to restrict costs. Eventually, the price of auto insurance decreased slightly, due to a rise in competition, but hasn’t reduced to the levels prior to government intervention.

The most important issue for the up-and-coming Presidential Election is freedom, not abortion, the environment, or increasing benefits to improve the quality of life for targeted minority groups. Who, of the candidates, is going to ensure that Americans will keep their current freedoms and bring back freedoms removed through prejudiced government legislation?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who’s Making Money From Global Warming?

I am very curious to know who in this world is benefiting from this unproven, fictional term known as Global Warming. There are just as many prominent scientists who disbelieve in the theory, as there are those who believe, yet Democrats continue to pass legislation forcing Americans to pay more for oil and gas.

Today, the House Select Energy Committee met with representatives from the major oil companies in a supposed effort to reduce the cost of oil and gas, and also determine the appropriate actions Congress should make towards our country’s future energy needs.

The Left once again made proud claims towards the United States becoming self-reliant for energy needs in the form of natural gases and other clean products, many of which have not become heavily manufactured and tested to be cost-effective but have managed to force up the costs of food in our grocery stores. One mentally challenged Leftist had the nerve to ask of an oil company representative, “It is projected that if our emissions are not reduced 80% by the year 2050, the world will suffer cataclysmic disaster, do you agree?” The answer is going to be no, you nimwit, and for obvious reasons. A computer-generated projection of global warming was created by people who actually believe in global warming. In this projection, did the computer somehow input the millions of details that are unknown to humans about the functions of the world and its atmosphere, or did people who don’t know of them input those?

The Left focused intently on the profits earned by the oil companies and demanded that they increase their funding of new energy sources, making it their responsibility to maintain the energy needs of the country. How can anyone blame the oil companies for us becoming dependent on oil to begin with? It isn’t their fault that oil was the most efficient and successful way for our country to prosper, why hold them responsible for our country’s future? What makes Democrats so sure that Americans won’t develop other, more efficient means of energy without the oil companies’ assistance and move to those means without being forced by legislation? I must have forgotten that Americans would be nothing were it not for our elected officers in Congress, for we are just little lemmings without free and clear thinking abilities.

Throughout their entire inquisition, the Left made it perfectly clear of their intent to raise taxes and increase legislation against the oil companies, which means much higher prices for all of us thanks to them.

Those on the Right continue to hold their ground with proposals of drilling on American owned grounds being the quickest and easiest way to become energy independent. While using up our own untapped oil reserves we would without a doubt managed to create replacing technologies that all Americans would be satisfied with. The oil companies were actually complimented by some Republicans for the efforts they have made towards alternative fuels without being forced to do so by the Left.

These fairytales and fiction are driving prices in our country up and dropping the value of the dollar to virtually nothing by the day. Americans don’t need legislature passed to improve our quality of life, we need legislature to be reversed so we can learn to know what it means to be free again. Any person who believes we will need legislation forcing people off of oil and gas products once there is an adequate and cheaper means made available, needs to be put out to pasture. The truth will always be that we will rely on what we know until something is made cheaper. The Democrats would force all Americans to stop using oil today if not for Republicans and the costs of transportation, living, and food would all rise drastically. How does that help Americans during a time of economic turmoil?

How will forcing legislature and mandates on Americans help propel us economically?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Right vs Left

American politics are quite complicated and touchy to discuss in most atmospheres. A simple discussion with a hint of politics within it could easily escalate to a dangerously heated argument because of a difference in viewpoint.

When asked where they stand on politics, most will answer that they are on the right or left and today there is a fast growing population that claims to be in the middle. It is rather hard to understand how someone could be in the middle of two completely opposite views who support differing moral values, principles, and even the definition and purpose of our country.

In an attempt to break this down so someone like myself could understand, I’ll use a passage all Americans should know.

“All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Right believe “created equal” to mean that all men are equal upon their creation only. From birth, a person makes decisions, good and bad, and those actions are what will define the individual. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness will be granted as long as the individual’s actions do not hinder those rights. From the Right, there should be no excessive legislature from Federal or State governments restricting the Rights of individuals who have done no wrong.

The Left sees the term “Created Equal” quite differently and believes it to mean that two men standing side by side are “equal” regardless of their actions, and deserve the same lifestyle. Complete government control is necessary in order to provide Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, because everyone is forced to live the exact same lifestyle. The government chooses what will make Americans happiest, and provide that to everyone, no individual should have to “pursue” it.

I’ve pulled together three different situations where Left and Right see things completely different.

Situation 1
A jury of his peers convicts a man who led a twelve-year life of crime of a vicious double-murder. Upon arriving in prison, he repents his sins and attends religious services while openly apologizing for his crimes and claims remorse.

The Left views this man has having changed and deserving of a second chance. While he waits for his parole board hearing, the left will use taxpayer dollars to provide him with an education that will help him when returning to society.

The Right believes that regardless of his remorse, there is a price to pay for acts of evil and providing an education is not the price charged to good, law-abiding citizens. The community does not forgive a person’s sins just because they “claim” remorse, if they have changed then can serve their “full” prison sentence and show the world this change through actions upon their release.

Situation 2
A politician who is an excellent speaker with the ability to talk to all individuals at the same time is running for President of the United States. His spoken goal is to unite the country behind him and win the White House. While campaigning, it is learned that he has been a member of a church for 20 years that inspires racial and cultural hatred.

The Right take on this is simple, if he continued to attend an establishment inspiring such hatred, then he himself is a racist. Any person who isn’t a racist, would have quickly been offended by ten seconds of this nonsense and left the establishment, it wouldn’t take 20 years.

The Left believes all of his rhetoric and speeches of unifying the country. Because he has never been recorded speaking the same racial hatred, he can’t be held responsible for the minister’s sermons. This blind following and ignorance is inspiring. Does this mean they would vote for a person who attended KKK establishments for 20 years but is not an actual member.

Situation 3
An American soldier who has served with distinction for 15 years goes to Iraq and kills an innocent civilian while returning fire at enemy forces. He apologizes for the accident but doesn’t openly display remorse or guilt.

The Right responds, “That’s too bad, its war, now get back to work.” Things are different during war and we have to fully support our troops who face challenges while defending the name of freedom.

The Left would like to see this man, regardless of his service and sacrifice for our country, to be tried for murder because he shows no remorse. He is a killer and should be put in jail, and President Bush is to blame for the soldier being put in a situation where he could commit such a murder.

The truth is obvious, a criminal is not equal to a nun, the same way that hard working individuals are not equal to the lazy, and a prominent doctor should make much more money than a tenth-grade dropout. We are not equal because we are a product of our actions from birth. We were all born equal, but on day two, we all began to follow our own lives. I’m disgusted at the thought of being considered equal to a non-veteran who protests the war in Iraq.

With the Left working to “equalize” the playing field by giving the lazy, unmotivated, and corrupt the leg up on everyone else, it will only be so long before they pass legislature forcing the NFL to recruit unskilled athletes because it is wrong to be prejudice and only recruit the best of the best. You laugh at the thought only because you know it to be so horribly true.

Smoke and Mirrors

Today being the first day of work following the two-week vacation for Congress, many would have thought that business would have been accomplished. Then again, if you pay attention to the fact that work is never actually accomplished; you would have been anticipating what transpired today. The left managed to raise the smoke and mirrors to further their absolute control over the workings of all Americans while failing to accept any blame for the current ill affects on the economy.

Both the Right and Left agree that our country needs to remove its dependability upon foreign oil, but the way to do so is far from close. The Left managed to blame President Bush, this being the one-billionth time, for making our country more dependent on foreign oil and they proposed to stop importing oil and further their efforts to use new technologies. If we do what they propose, Americans would be forced to buy new cars, new forms of heating their houses, and anything else that relies on this foreign oil. The plan is just to force us off oil without a sufficient replacement.

The Right battles back with the common sense way to stop using foreign oil, by using our own oil. The Left refuses to allow for drilling our own large supplies that would last for at least 35 years, by that time we could have an affordable tried and tested replacement which would probably already be widely used.

How the Left can actually accuse the President for us being more dependent on foreign oil and they are the ones refusing to allow us to produce our own truly amazes me. Can you see the smoke and mirrors? The Democrats must have unlimited investments in these new technologies they plan to replace oil consumers with.

If the Left really wanted to eliminate dependence on foreign oil and allow for the billions of dollars to be spent within our own economy, they would have already allowed for us to drill. The truth, they don’t care about the lower income, middle income, or anyone. Someday, probably after the Armed Right rises, the mentally challenged Left supporters will wake up.

Tomorrow is planned to be a day I will never forget, with the planned discussions over proposals to overcome the Mortgage crisis. If you are unaware of the crisis, it involves a small percentage of the country that willingly signed into a mortgage contract they couldn’t pay for and the Left believes all of the responsible citizens should pay their debts for them. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? If the Left passes any relief for these people, anyone who doesn’t stop paying on their houses is quite stupid. The only way for us to fix these damn liberals is to stoop to their levels. If they want to provide aid to people who don’t pay their mortgage, everyone needs to stop paying. Within a few months the Democrats would open their eyes and realize that they are just a bunch of frigging morons. The Right would never stoop to my proposal but many people will, because it is offered. If they want to remove responsibility from the individual, then remove yourselves from being responsible. I don’t know what proposal will actually pass, but if there is room to wiggle for all Americans, then now is the time to destroy the idiocy of the Left. Yes, we would destroy the Federal Budget worse than the Left has already done, but it is in an effort to defeat our retarded enemy. Our country is going to go into The Great Depression II as long as the Left has power in any office, so why not drive the economy there quicker.